Conference programme

Day 1: Monday, 3 October 2022 (online)

10:00-10:30 Official opening and welcome

Speakers: Stefan Schneiderbauer (UNU-EHS and Eurac Research, GLOMOS), Christoph Rainer (Cultural Association Sexten)

10:30-12:30 Workshop on “Human-nature interactions in UNESCO designated sites”

Speakers: Tales Carvalho Resende, Akane Nakamura, Yang Bo Kim, Ozlem Adiyaman Lopes, Maria Rosa Cadenas (UNESCO)

Moderator: Paola Fontanella Pisa (UNU-EHS and Eurac Research, GLOMOS)

12:30-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-15:00 Keynote: Regional cooperation for managing transboundary risks and enhancing adaptation: Reflections from the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Speaker: Sunita Chaudhary (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development – ICIMOD)

Moderator: Stefan Schneiderbauer (UNU-EHS and Eurac Research, GLOMOS)

15:00-16:30 Thematic session 1: Managing environmental challenges in mountain areas

Moderator: Jess Delves (UNU-EHS and Eurac Research, GLOMOS)

  • Wagner Klaus – Interrelations of Flood Risk Management and Agriculture in Austrian Alpine Regions (781)
  • Uddin Shams – Ecotourism for Livelihoods in HKPL: Theory & Practice (751)
  • Shams Ahmed – Mount Sinai, a mountain? The Governance of Cultural Ecosystem Services in the High Mountains of Sinai Peninsula (838)
  • Benites Alfaro Nancy Pierina – Characterization of public intervention in traditional potato production systems in Peru (837)
  • Membretti Andrea – The migration, development and climate change nexus: exploring migrants’ contribution in addressing climate change challenges in Italian mountain areas (740)
  • Cristofari Hélène, Urbach D., Randin C., Guisan A., Reynard E., Otero I. – A conceptual model for the description and monitoring of mountain social-environmental systems (867)
16:30-16:45 Closing of the scientific part of the first conference day

Speakers: Harald Pechlaner (Eurac Research, Center for Advanced Studies), Stefan Schneiderbauer (UNU-EHS and Eurac Research, GLOMOS)


Evening event:  (on site in Sexten/Sesto and online)

“From destination to living space – participation as the royal road”

18:30-18:45 Welcome address

Christoph Rainer, Cultural Association Sexten

18:45-19:00 Introduction of the topic

Harald Pechlaner, Center for Advanced Studies of Eurac Research

19:00-19:30 Impulse lecture

Participation: suitable methods to shape the living space

Jörg Sommer, Berlin Institut für Partizipation

19:30-20:30 Panel discussion

Petra Wolffhardt, Product and service developer, Raum|Schmiede Lienz
Jörg Sommer, Berlin Institut für Partizipation
Josef Margreiter, Lebensraum Tirol Holding
Thomas Bausch, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Tanja Rainer, Südtiroler Jugendring
Moderation: Harald Pechlaner


Day 2: Tuesday, 4 October 2022 (online)

09:30 Opening of the second conference day
09:30-10:30 Keynote: Mountain leadership

What we can learn from experiences in the mountains

Speaker: Nina Caprez, Climber

Moderator: Harald Pechlaner (Eurac Research, Center for Advanced Studies)

10:30-10:45 Coffee break
10:45 – 12:15 Thematic session 2: Resilient communities and community resilience
Moderator: Elisa Piras (Eurac Research, Center for Advanced Studies)

  • Moriggi Angela, Andriolo E., Pisani E., Secco L., Da Re R., Burlando C., Aguanno M. – Supporting community-driven social innovation through co-production of knowledge: The case of LAG Prealpi Dolomiti (878)
  • Bomba Federico, Tripaldi A. – Nonturismo – A community-based sustainable practice in mountain areas (854)
  • Santini A., Costa M., Secco L., Masiero M., Romagnoli F., Lingua E., Vecchiato D. – Addressing the vulnerability of forest ecosystem services to windstorm events: a case study in the Italian Alps (880)
  • Fontanella Pisa Paola, Schneiderbauer S., Pennelmen Boret S. – Co-creation of transformation knowledge for adaptation strategies and pathways for resilience in Tadami UNESCO mountain Biosphere Reserve (890)
  • Jamir Amba, Shakya B. – Sustainability of community driven traditional mountain agricultural and resource management systems: A case from Nagaland, India (869)
  • Romagnoli Federica, Secco L., Masiero M., Santini A. – Comparative analysis of post-windstorm mountain community resilience: comparison among four Italian regions (881)
12:15-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-15:00 Keynote: Changing values and mountain narratives

Designing complex transformation processes in mountain areas

Speaker: Tobias Luthe, Sustainability researcher, Systems design scientist, Environmental Engineering and Landscape Planning at ETH ZurichModerator: Harald Pechlaner (Eurac Research, Center for Advanced Studies)
15:00-16:30 Thematic session 3: Mountain leadership

Moderator: Mirjam Gruber (Eurac Research, Center for Advanced Studies)

  • Walder Maximilian, Erschbamer G., de Rachewiltz M. –  Don’t be the black sheep: Creating a code of conduct using the example of the transhumance in Val Senales (Italy) (884)
  • Maino Federica, Dalla Torre Cristina – Collective leadership for valorising mountain territories in changing contexts, two case studies in Trentino (Italy) (882)
  • Tamme Oliver, Dax Thomas – Sustainable mountain tourism in the Alps: “The Mountaineering Villages” concept: a local model for sustainable tourism in the Alps (843)
  • Sati Vishwambhar Prasad – Trends and potential of eco-tourism development in Uttarakhand Himalaya (839)
Thematic session 4: Changing values and mountain narratives

Moderator: Paola Fontanella Pisa (UNU-EHS and Eurac Research, GLOMOS)

  • Ferreira Crispim Samara, Cetara L., La Malva P. – Behavioral and design thinking strategies for sustainable mountain development: the case with nudging (885)
  • Moriggi Angela, Pisani E., Secco L. – Eliciting non-human empathy through co-creative visioning processes: a case study in the Italian South Eastern Alps (879)
  • Murer Carlo, Piccoli Alessandra – Affirmative Policy in Nepal’s Community Forestry: Does it Make a Difference in Terms of Social Sustainability? (828)
  • Erschbamer Marlene – Mountain narratives and human-nature relations in Sikkimese Himalayas (729)
  • Delves Jess – Resource for Social-Ecological Transformation: Bringing locally-embedded science to civil society, activists and decision makers (883)
16:30-17:00 Closing of the conference


Speakers: Harald Pechlaner (Eurac Research, Center for Advanced Studies), Stefan Schneiderbauer (UNU-EHS and Eurac Research, GLOMOS)


Thematic sessions

Major thematic sessions of the GMS Forum 2022 are:

  • Climate-related risks, related vulnerabilities and climate action
  • Challenges of natural resource management and land-use (also between highlands and lowlands)
  • Biodiversity and human-wildlife interaction
  • Reconciling trade-offs between social, ecological and economic needs
  • Resilience-building and adaptation strategies in mountain regions
  • Local knowledge, cultural heritage and intergenerational responsibility
  • Social innovation within and across mountain communities
  • Aging at altitude: Solidarity and public health in mountain communities
  • Digitalisation and hyper-connectedness vs. digital detox and slow lifestyles: A mountain perspective
  • Mountain guides and lessons for leadership
  • Mountain areas and their inhabitants as pioneers of change
  • Mountain tourism and destination leadership
  • Governance issues at the intersection of highlands and lowlands
  • The history and future of human-mountain relations
  • The dynamics of social norms and gender roles in mountain regions
  • Aesthetics, perception and experience of mountain areas
  • Reflecting wilderness and authenticity in the 21st century
  • Ethics and values beyond anthropocentrism