Welcome to Sexten | Sesto

Sexten | Sesto, village of the Three Peaks

Genuine alpine experience

Many people have fallen in love with the village of Sexten | Sesto, due to its unique mountain backdrop. The village is framed by the towering, famous peaks of the “Sesto Sun Dial” mountains, one of the most striking skylines created by nature. The picturesque Val Fiscalina is an ideal starting point to enter the Nature Park Three Peaks, heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomite mountains and offers the easy access to the Three Peaks.

  • The cable cars of the skiing and hiking region Sexten | Sesto Dolomites are in close proximity to the ski school. Mountain and hiking guides are also located nearby.
  • There is an outside pavilion for music events.
  • There is plenty of parking.
  • The Tourist Information office which provides general information and information about accommodation is close by.
  • The congress centre is close to the Three Peaks nature park and the Val Fiscalina valley, both popular destinations in the Sexten | Sesto Dolomites, which are highly recommended and invite visitors to switch off and relax.
  • In a radius of 2 km you will find any type of accommodation – ranging from hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and private residences to private room lets, holiday on a farm and camping.


Sexten | Sesto Dolomites Congress Center

Outstanding events – in the heart of the Dolomites

The Sexten | Sesto Dolomites Congress Center is the perfect venue for your events in the Dolomites. Whether you are organising conferences, seminars, sporting events, ski meetings, company excursions or sales meetings: The fully equipped rooms of various sizes permit any individual organisation of your event, from a leisure day to a large-scale event. The surrounding environment provides the opportunity to combine your seminar with relaxation and recreation in the mountains.

Travel to Sexten | Sesto

All roads and means of transports will take you to the village of Sexten | Sesto.


Please, choose the most sustainable and responsible means of travel.


To assist you to find suitable hotel, you can see below options of hotels in Sexten | Sesto.

During the time of the conference, all of the listed hotels will grant you a 15% discount on accommodation. To make use of this discount, please refer directly to the hotel of your choice and let them know that you are a participant at the Global Mountain Sustainability Forum (preferably in the subject field of the email)

Further accommodation (without special discount) can be found on the following local booking websites: